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Hi, y’all. Thanks for stopping by.

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I invite you to read Jump the Line.
Its about redeeming ourselves, no matter how lost we become, and it embodies my vision for achieving your dreams: if you’ve drawn lines in your life—real or imaginary—and they’re cutting into you, jump those suckers!

Why Do I Write?

Glad you asked. Laurie B’s a longtime Facebook follower of mine. One day, she posted this on my Facebook timeline: "Writing happens because it must."

Jaw drop! My point? She knows I must write. Whether it’s revisions for my next Alaina Colby novel, or tracing story ideas in my garden dirt, I can’t go one day without writing.

My Relationship with Writing and You-"Love Story"

Like Laurie, you’ve guessed: writing’s my passion. But the relationship doesn’t end there—it begins. Where would I be without you?

Let’s unpack that. Why do you read? I’m guessing when you need to escape, reading lets you hide out with novels you’ve been hoarding on your Kindle, as you wait for the day to end, so you can have some “me time.”

Your Dreams Fuel My Writing

Growing up, I had a surly dark muse, and knew I’d better obey her. Writing on school walls and textbooks, I got in trouble, but I kept writing on every surface available. I saw myself as “creative,” as a writer-in-training. Principals and teachers called me “troubled child.”

As a student at Wilmington College, I learned how to French braid my hair and dissect Will Shakespeare’s sonnets. Later as a grad student at Wright State, I wrote my own poetry for Nexus and Chimera and, as a graduate teaching assistant, taught freshman Comp and grammar. Afterward, since I had to write—had to—I became a technical writer, and my experience with software fueled drafts of many science fiction and fantasy novels that are, yep, you guessed, all stashed away in fat filing cabinet drawers. Will I finish them, publish them? You bet.

Continuing to obey my fractious muse, I began transitioning to my dream career as a fulltime fiction writer. I switched from technical writing to teaching English at Southern State Community College. While there, I drafted Vengeance Is Mine: the Profiler’s Passion. First in my Profiler Series, Vengeance (coming 2015) is a romantic suspense, which won third in the Golden Pen contest. Think I wasn’t doin’ the happy dance? Oh, yeah! Download your free sneak peek!

Today, I write fulltime. At my muse’s strict urging, I’ve become chief architect of my life and dreams, and mistress of Mucky Manor, my tree farm in southern Ohio. At “Mucky,” I grow hardwoods, organic veggies and culinary and medicinal herbs. Because I live in the middle of Brush Creek State Forest, and I love every creature that crawls, swims, flies, clucks or barks, I also care for the strays who wander in or who get tossed out, including a pretty blueberries ‘n cream colored Spaniel named “Gypsy.”

Most of all, Mucky is my creative space, where I devotedly serve my muse by writing fulltime. I invite you to share your dreams—and fears—by telling me which stories you want to read. My writing, you see, must happen.

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